Chelsey’s Weekend Food Prep#1

Preparing food, meals, and snacks on the weekend is so helpful for me to provide healthy meals for me and my family throughout the week. For 2 parents that work full time and have a 7 month old baby, my husband and I are always looking for ways to save time with doing household chores and cooking during the week. That way we get to spend more time enjoying our dinner together and most importantly we get more play time with our daughter!

This weekend, I prepped a couple of snacks: hard boiled eggs for me (I usually pair one with a fresh fruit for an afternoon snack at work) and dark chocolate cherry energy bites for my husband, Todd (they are his favorite of many energy bites tried). Check out the recipe here .

I also made a large batch of a fiesta whole grain salad which made about 5 servings. Whole grain salads are my favorite for meal prep lunches. You can easily make a large batch and it keeps well in the fridge. I top mine on leafy greens such as spinach, arugula, or mixed greens. I enjoy using different grains each time such as farro, quinoa, couscous, etc. For this recipe I chopped up a variety of veggies, added black beans, cooked a batch of a 5 whole grain blend, and used garlic, cumin, lemon, lime, Mrs. Dash fiesta seasoning blend and cilantro to make a hearty flavorful dish. Recipe to come soon!

Since my daughter, Kendall, started eating foods recently, I couldn’t leave her out. So, I steamed and pureed sweet potatoes for her. I seperated them into individual containers to keep in the fridge and freezer. This was suprisingly easy to do!

Enjoy the benefits of meal prepping,



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