Twin Bites Tuesday~ J

Curious as to what we like to eat in a day and how we keep a balanced, healthy diet even on a busy work day? Follow our Twin Bites Tuesday posts where we offer you simple, healthy meal ideas, easy on the go snack tips, and more.

Tuesday’s are typically my 10 hr work days (long days) for the week, which means I rely on left overs, quick snacks and easy meals to get me through.


This Tuesday I started my morning off with savory oatmeal. I just started making savory oatmeal a couple months ago and I can’t get enough; I crave it in the mornings… and sometimes for dinner! If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. I will be posting my own recipe for savory oats very soon. In short, I add chopped kale, herbs, EVOO and a fried egg in mine.


For lunch, I packed the Citrus Quinoa Chicken Salad I had food prepped over the weekend and added a couple avocado slices I had left over. I also ate a side of celery with hummus, the celery which I also had chopped in advance over the weekend. (See Jenna’s weekend meal prep #1 post for the recipes).


I had an orange and a granola bar as snacks in the evening. Both were super easy to transport and kept me satisfied until my late dinner. I was pleasantly surprised with this new granola bar by Nature Valley . Typically store bought granola bars can have a lot of sugar and an endless ingredient list, but one of these has only 6 grams of sugar and 6 ingredients, all of which are real food names 😉 and tasted great.


By the time I got home, around 7:30 pm, I was hungry, so was glad I had left overs from the night before. Trader Joe’s came out with a new pasta, black bean pasta. The only ingredient is black bean flour, so it has both the taste and texture of black beans. To be honest, it wasn’t my favorite, but still good and is a great option for those with food allergies or sensitivities that can’t eat other kinds of pasta. I topped the pasta with a meat and veggie sauce I made. I used one jar of marinara sauce, 1 lb. cooked ground turkey, 1 chopped and sauteed onion with garlic cloves and chopped broccoli. The combination was quite delicious.


I ended the night with two homemade mini breakfast cookies I had stored in the freezer. Filled with walnuts, oats and dark chocolate chunks!


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