Twin Bites Tuesday ~ J

Hello! Here’s another round of Jenna’s Twin Bites Tuesday. Below you will find all that I ate this day, I hope you find some quick and easy food inspiration.

I started my morning off with my savory oatmeal! Instead of using a fried egg, I had a hard boiled egg I used instead. I also ate a half of a banana dipped in some peanut butter (not pictured). Before I left, I made Jasmine Green Tea to drink on my way to work. I love the floral flavors the jasmine brings to the green tea!


For lunch I had my Refreshing Chicken Salad on arugula(tossed with EVOO, lemon juice and sea salt), see the recipe link below. This chicken salad is easy to make, delicious and filled with healthy ingredients. I also added in some chopped celery with hummus.



For snacks: I had my first blood orange. I love the dark reddish purple colored flesh of these oranges, it comes from the antioxidant, anthocyanin. They have the bright citrus taste of an orange but milder and slightly bitter. I will definitely be getting these again. I also bagged up popcorn with peanuts and almonds for a quick and filling “homemade” trail mix.


I didn’t have any leftovers to heat up for dinner, but I did manage to make a quick and tasty veggie and bean tostada.

To start, I chopped an onion and bell pepper, added them to a skillet with frozen pre-chopped broccoli; sauteed them in olive oil until done. I added 2 cans of mixed beans (drained and rinsed) to the veggies and seasoned with Mexican spices (you could easily season with salsa or taco seasoning mix).

In the meantime, I had white rice cooking on the stove and corn tortillas baking in the oven.

Lastly, I started to layer: corn tortilla on the bottom, then rice, topped with the veggie and bean mixture, sprinkled cheese on top and finished off with some chipotle Tabasco sauce.



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